Daneros Mine


Location: Utah, United States (White Canyon, Colorado Plateau)
Ownership: 100% Consolidated Uranium Inc.
Deposit Type: Tabular sandstone-hosted
Primary Minerals: Uranium
Stage: Past-producing
Proximity to White Mesa Mill: 70 mi (113 km)

Mineral Resources: 


Tonnes (m)

U3O8 Grade (ppm)

Contained U3O8 (m lbs)









¹ This table reflects historical mineral resource estimates considered to be a “historical estimate” under NI 43-101 and is not considered by the Company to be current.


The Daneros Mine is a fully-developed and permitted underground mine located in the White Canyon Mining district in San Juan County, Utah, Approximately 70 miles west of the White Mesa Mill. It was acquired by Denison Mines in 2011 as part of the White Canyon takeoverfor A$57m. As market conditions warrant, the Daneros Mine is well positioned for a rapid restart.

The mine operated from 2009 until October 2012 when it was placed on standby. Initially White Canyon Uranium Limited brought the mine into production sending ore to the White Mesa Mill under a toll milling agreement with Denison.  Energy Fuels acquired the mine in 2012.

Historic Production

Project Tons (000s) %U3O8 lbs U3O8 (000s)
Daneros (2010-2013) 120 0.26 628
Other Mines1 73 0.22 314

1Other Mines include the Cove (Lark), Bullseye and Spook former mines.  These former mines are located on claims obtained as part of the Transaction.


Tabular zones of moderate to high-grade uranium mineralization hosted in the Shinarump Conglomerate Member of the Triassic Chinle Formation. Mineralization localized within channel sandstones beneath organic-rich sediments.

Exploration Potential

Significant drilling occurred in 2007 and 2008 to confirm historical resources. There is potential for additional resources, as indicated by historical mineral resources at the Lark and Royal. Higher-grade mineralization occurs in paleochannels that are more than 20 ft. thick. Identifying and targeting these areas may lead to discovery of further mineralization.

Planned Work

An 8-hole program totalling 7,200 ft will commence immediately following completion of the Tony M program and will focus on areas outside of the historic resource estimate.

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